Friday, October 4, 2013

Fire Fighters Visit

Today the fire fighters reminded us to not hide from them in a fire, to have two ways out of every room, and to have a meeting place. Don't forget to check the batteries in your smoke detector!
Mr. Spahn shows us the Hanover fire truck.

A former Mrs. Reese third grader, Adam Krug, shows us the Elizabeth pumper truck.

"Grandpa" shows Landis how to use the hose to put the fire out!

Let's hope this is the only time I have to be in an ambulance with the third graders!

Another former Mrs. Reese third grader, William Frazier, shows us that we shouldn't be afraid of the fire fighters when they are in full gear.

Edgar shows how to put out a fire on our clothes, stop, drop, cover, and roll!

Emma is showing off her fire hat! Thank you fire fighters for the hat and bag of goodies!

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