Monday, November 17, 2014

American Education Week Day 1

First, Kristina won Wildcat of the Month for her hard work on improving her grades!!  Next, we thanked all of the people that help make our school a great place! Kristina is holding up the sign for the custodians.   

Others we thanked were the cooks, administration, paraprofessionals, the school board, the teachers, the kids, OT, PT, speech, bus drivers, parents, technology, secretaries, counselor, the nurse, and the volunteers. 

Then  a student from each class participated in the cookie/milk challenge.  Fallon from fifth grade was the first to finish his cookie and his milk! Gwen gave it a good shot for third grade!
 Last, some of the teachers tried the cookie/milk challenge! Just when I got up there they ran out of milk so I didn't have to do the challenge but I still got a cookie!!

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