Classroom Management

Classroom Rules

1.  Please keep your hands and feet to yourself.
2.  Use the correct volume for the situation.
3.  Show Responsibiltiy
     a.  turn all work in on time
     b.  keep your space neat
     c.  have all supplies when needed

Classroom Behavior Plan

Students will all start the day on "Ready to Learn", green.  As students show positive behavior characteristics they can move up to "Showing Wildcat Pride", blue, "Role Model", purple or "Outstanding", pink.  As students show negative behaviors they may move down to "Slow Down, yellow, "Think About It", orange, or "Parent/Principal Contact", red.  Students may move up and down as the day moves on.  At the end of the day students will color the bottom space in their assignment notebook to match the color they ended the day on.   Students will be awarded points for ending the day on green or above.  At the end of the week students will be given the opportunity to use the points they've earned to purchase coupons to use in the classroom.    
The class as a whole will be given cupcake minutes during the week to earn minutes for free time.  Free time will be little things like watching a short movie, playing a game, or another student generated ideas.