Friday, February 27, 2015

Read the Most From Coast to Coast

We made our goal! Today we passed 108 AR quizzes! The other class beat us with 118! Wow! Great work third graders! That's a total of 226!

Here are some shots of us reading to some kindergarten buddies!

Here we are all dressed up as our favorite characters!
Cora is a horse fairy and Ty is Clark Kent!Lynnea is Pinkalicious and Gwen is Cindy Lou Who.
Robin Hood (Millie) and the dynamic Batman duo (Addy and Degan)

Ben as the Cat in the Hat with Thing 2, Kristina.
Amie and Taidum found their inner Pippi Longstocking.


  1. Good Morning from Mrs. Carter's 3rd grade class! We have been away from school the last two days because of snow. We are in Madison, AL, a suburb of Huntsville. We will join you in reading from coast to coast today! Where is your school?

    1. We are in Hanover and Elizabeth Illinois. We have been lucky this year and haven't had as much snow as many other parts of the country! We have been colder than normal though. Today, March 5th we started below zero!