Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What an Exciting Day!

Today we had extra recess with the Servant Leaders, Noelle, Kayshe, and Cassidy, for winning the can drive last fall. Then we went to the petting zoo. After that we had an egg hunt. We also had music, a birthday treat, oreos, and ice cream at the petting zoo. I "little" sugar and then send them home for Easter break. At the end of the day we had Wildcat of the Month. Evan won this month for reaching his AR goal and just being a comical good friend.
We played kick ball against Mrs. Schafer's class for awhile.
 It didn't take Cora long to find the horse.

Mr. Curry taught us about some of the plants the FFA students are growing in his room.

We also learned about corn, soybean, oat, and wheat seeds.

Kristina is cuddling with a bunny.

Dezi is petting the horse.

The egg hunt is on!

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